Coaster Darts

Coaster darts is a great darts drinking game that’ll help down a few beers at the bar and make use of that dart board that’s been hung in the corner for ages. You can also play at home too but it will require a few disposable coasters.

What You’ll Need

For this game each player (or team) needs one coaster. Then players should each get 1 dart and get ready about 15 feet from a dart board. The most skilled dart player should shoot last to help give the other players a chance.

Setting it up

First to set up the game one player from each team throws a dart at the dart board. If they miss, they must drink and throw again. Then everyone must stick a drink coaster to the board wherever their dart landed. This can be done by impaling the drink coaster with the dart and leaving it on the board.

So by the end of the set up there should be there should be a bunch of coasters plastered to the dart board, one for every team. It’s okay if some overlap others.

Coaster Darts Rules

The rules to this game are fairly simple. On your turn one player from your team throws a dart.

  • If they miss the board they must drink and throw again.
  • If they hit the board but miss the coasters, their turn simply ends and the next player goes.
  • If they hit a coaster, whoever’s coaster was hit takes a drink, then their turn ends and the next player goes.

Once a team’s coaster has been hit 3 times, they lose the game. Each team member must finish their drink. They are now out of the game.

The game continues until only one coaster remains, that team wins.


Coaster Darts is pretty easy and unlike regular darts the most skilled player isn’t going to win every match.