An Awesome Chinese Checkers Drinking Game

Got an old board sitting around? Or maybe you’re just a fan of the game? Whatever your motive we came up with a great Chinese Checkers drinking game to help kick this game up a notch. This game works with any number of people that can play a regular game.

What You’ll Need

A chinese checkers board, some drinks for each player and something hard to take shots of.

Chinese Checkers Drinking Game Rules

This game is fairly simple and follows all the base rules except it adds in some fun drinking rules. So just play as normal, trying to get your pieces over to the opposite triangle and drink whenever the following happens.

Drinking Rules

  1. Whenever you score a peg into the opposing triangle, whoever’s triangle that was takes a sip.
  2. Whenever you jump 2 or more pieces in a turn give out sips equal to the amount of pieces jumped. These can be split up or given all to one person.
  3. Whenever someone wins the game you must drink for each remaining piece you have that hasn’t scored.

Shot-Mine: Here’s where things get interesting. Before the game starts everyone gets to pick 1 space on the board to be a “landmine” spot. During the game the first player to land on this spot needs to take a shot of whichever hard alcohol the group has chosen. So players must decide if it’s worth it to use that space or just move around it all game.


Our Chinese Checkers drinking game is a great way to turn this classic table game into a full on party. Be careful though because this game can lead to a lot of drinking especially if you choose to land on any of the landmines. So please drink responsibly and if you feel like you’ve had enough consider taking a break.