Case Race Drinking Game Rules – The Chuggernauts

How to do a Case Race - the chuggernauts

Sometimes you just wanna see who can chug beers the fastest. That’s where the Case Race drinking game comes in. The basics of the game here is that everyone grabs a case a beer (usually a 12) then breaks into teams to see who can finish them first.

What You’ll Need

A 12 pack of beer, and multiple teams. This game plays best with bottles rather than cans. This game supports as many players as you want. It’s often played in teams of 2 but you can do teams of 3 or even 4 if that’s preferred.

Case Race Drinking Game Rules

There’s not a whole lot to this game. Simple give each team each team a case and see who can finish all the beers in every bottle or can first.

If you want to make sure nobody is cheating you can make sure each can/bottle is placed upside down when it’s finished to ensure there’s nothing left.

Players are in no way allowed to dump out or throw away beer during this race or they are disqualified.


The Case Race drinking game is one of the easiest to play you’ll ever find. It separates the men from the boys. Although it should be mentioned that any chugging game like this can often lead to the over consumption of alcohol, so please drink responsibly. This game is better played at the start of a night when nobody has drinking too much already.