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Brutal Drinking Game Review by

The Brutal drinking game app is all about bringing your party to the next level. Just gather your group and start flipping cards. The cards range from truth or dare to charades and everything in between.

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What Is Brutal?

Brutal is an app that’s all about wild challenges and rulesthat will take your party to the next level.

The gameplay is simple. One person downloads the App on either Google Play or the Apple App Store and then players pass around the phone flipping the cards and doing the challenges.

The game comes with 7 unique sets of cards.

Truth: The truth cards ask the player a question which they must answer truthfully. Some of these can get pretty personal.

Dare: Dare cards challenge the drawer to do a task like “call a chinese food restaurant and order a pizza”.

Never Have I Ever: These are group cards. A statement is made to the group and everyone who has done that thing must drink. Things like “Have you ever had sex outdoors?”.

Would You Rather: This presents two options and the drawer must choose which one they’d rather do.

Charades: These naughty charades cards have people acting out risky actions like “Suicide bomber” or “Hitler committing suicide” until the group can finally guess correctly.

Mini Game: These fun mini games have the whole group performing tasks or following specific rules until the next round.

Wild Card: These can really be anything, like making everyone who doesn’t have a license drink.

Our Thoughts

After a few good rounds of Brutal we realized one thing; this is more of a “drunk game” than a “drinking game“. There wasn’t all that many drinking rules that came up, so to speed it along we added some house rules like “If you refuse a dare, finish your drink”.

As fun as some of the cards are, i’d suggest being half in the bag before calling up Chinese restaurants asking for cheese pizzas.

Our favorite batch of cards was definitely Charades. All the actions are way out of left field like “premature ejaculation” or “suicide bomber”. And they seemed to come up a lot too so that’s a good thing.

Overall the Brutal drinking game app is a great way to inject some life into the party. We suggest having a few drinks before bringing this one out because some of the cards are pretty wild.