Boxing Drinking Game

Boxing Drinking Game -

The Boxing drinking game is extremely simple and easy to play. All that’s requires is a couple dice and some shot glasses and some hard alcohol. This game is more funner if you get more into it and treat it more like a real boxing match.


Two dice, two shot glasses and hard alcohol


Players play in teams of two. Each team has a boxer and a coach. The boxer hopes to roll higher than the other to avoid taking a shot of hard alcohol. Generally this game is played for 3 rounds but players can play longer if they’re up to it.


Boxing Drinking Game Rules:

Each team decides who is the boxer and who is the coach. The boxer will be in charge of all the drinking so choose wisely. Once ready each coach must fill their boxers shot glass with the chosen alcohol. Then after a quick pep talk, the boxers each roll their die. Whoever rolled the lowest gets “punched” and must finish their shot. Then the coaches fill another shot glass and have another pep talk to get their boxer’s head in the game.

This game is usually played for 3 rounds but players can choose to go even longer in they prefer. There’s not much to this game other than a quick die roll so make the most of it and try to really see yourself in a boxing ring.


The Boxing drinking game is a fair amount of drinking with each player drinking a shot or two in a short amount of time. If players choose to go longer they can but I wouldn’t suggest going the full 10 rounds as that can stack up pretty quickly.