Blackout Billiards – a Billiards drinking game

Blackout Billiards

Our Blackout Billiards drinking game is an easy way to down a few drinks at the billiards hall for those of us that are more into drinking than actual billiards. This game forgoes the regular rules in place of some fun drinking rules. The idea of this game is every player must try and keep their ball from getting sunk, if it gets sunk they finish their drink. This game can have anywhere from 2 to 10 players.

Set Up

This game uses a regular pool table, set up as it normally would be. But once it gets going it’s not at all played like a regular game of billiards. Instead the object of the game is to try and ensure your ball doesn’t get sunk.

First a player is designated to break. Then after the break happens each player should pick a ball on the table. Each player must call out a different ball than the other players.

Billiards Drinking Game Rules

The goal of this game is to make sure your ball is the last one on the table. If it gets sunk you need to down your drink and then you are out of the game.

In this variant each player only goes once and then passes the cue to the next player. Regardless if they sunk a ball or not.

If the player shooting sinks the white ball, they must drink twice.

If you sink your own ball, you’re buying the next round of drinks. Way to go doofus.


This Billiards drinking game is great because it’s a little less skewed towards that one friend who would whoop everyone else in a regular game of billiards. The most important thing to remember in this game is that sometimes it’s better to just hit the ball somewhere that doesn’t have a good shot at sinking your ball. Pretty much every player will be downing a drink so get ready for that.