Black Dynamite Drinking Game

Malt Liquor Drinking Game

If you’re looking for a movie that’s packed to the brim with tongue in check 70s style blaxploitation tropes than Black Dynamite is the movie. This hilarious mock on the classic genre takes stereotyping to a whole new level. With just how often these movie tropes come up we just had to make the Black Dymaite drinking game. The rules pretty much write themselves!

This drinking game works with any amount of players so the more the merrier. All you need to do is read the drinking rules and whenever any of them come up take a sip. (Which is very often). If you to get into the real spirit of the movie grab a couple 40s of malt liquor.

What You’ll Need

The 2009 film Black Dynamite and some drinks. Make sure to keep those drinks close by because you’re going to need em’.

Black Dynamite Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever you hear any of the following 70s slang terms

  • Turkey
  • Can you dig it? (or I can dig it.)
  • Cat(s)
  • Brother(s)
  • Jive

Take a drink whenever anyone says “Dynamite” including being sung in the background

Take a drink whenever someone breaks the fourth wall like an obvious actor switch or a boom mic becomes visible

Take a drink for every person who gets tossed out of a window

Take another sip for every time you see someone take a sip of malt liquor

Take a drink for every time someone gets tossed out of a window



If you’ve seen this movie before you’ll know just how intense this drinking game is going to be. Especially since every refers to Black Dynamite by name every time he’s in a conversation. Plus if you watch close enough you’ll see just how often this movie breaks the fourth wall. So make sure you plan accordingly and please drink responsibly. No sense in getting yourself hurt over a drinking game. Cheers!