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Introducing Binho: A Competitive Flicking Game

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Binho is an exciting table game that’s easy to play but hard to master. It’s a competitive football game where two players battle it out as they attempt to flick the ball past their opponent’s pegs and into the back of the goal.

In Binho players take turns flicking the ball and ricocheting it off of the bands and pegs until it finds it’s way to the back of the net for a goal. It’s a one-on-one game but can also be played in teams if players want to take turns.

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How to Play Binho

The objective of Binho is simple. Get the ball into your opponents net 7 times before they can do the same.

Unlike in football, in Binho players take turns. On a players turn they simply flick the ball towards their opponents goal hoping to score a goal. This goes back and forth until someone gets just the right angle to bank it into the back of the net and score a goal. Then play is restarted from the center.

A game of Binho is played to 7 points, but feel free to shorten or lengthen the game as you see fit.


Much like in an actual football match, you can get yellow and red cards in Binho as well. These are given out for infractions like flicking the ball out of the board or accidentally touching your own goal posts.

The first infraction results in a penalty kick from the middle of the board, but the second results in a red card and a penalty kick from anywhere in the opponents half.

Binho Review

First thing I want to mention in this review is the quality of the pieces. Everything in this game just works exactly as intended. The pegs screw into their slots really easily, the bands fit on the sidelines perfectly, and you aren’t left with a jumble of pieces to figure out. All-in-all the build quality is great and functional.

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Now for the actual game-play. Binho is one of those games that’s so simple that you can really focus on getting better at the game. Once all the board is set up all that’s left to do is test your skills and set up some sick plays. One of the funnest parts of Binho is trying come up with clever shot-paths so that the ball winds up in an unfavorable position for your opponent’s turn.

After a few solid games of Binho and more than a few beers, it’s safe to say that we had a ton of fun with it. It will definitely be hitting the table again soon for another Binho tournament.