Beergammon Rules - the chuggernauts

Beergammon is a way to play the classic 2 player game Backgammon with some much needed drinking rules. Backgammon is a game that dates back over 5000 years, making it one of the oldest games you can play. Plus if you scour your grandparents basement you’re bound to find a copy.

What You’ll Need

A Backgammon board and some drinks.

How to Play Backgammon

First things first, if you wanna play Beergammon you’re going to need to know the basic backgammon rules.

First players set up their checkers by putting two checkers on their 24 point triangle, three checkers on their 8 point triangle, five checkers on their 13 point triangle and five checkers on their 6 point triangle.

In backgammon the goal of the game is to make the opponent lose, not so much to win. The loser of the game loses points. Players can raise the stakes by upping the doubling cube, causing the loser of the match to lose even more points, if they both agree.

On a players turn they roll both dice and can move one checker the full amount, or move two checkers an amount equal to one of the dice. You can also play the total number twice in a turn if you roll doubles.

You need to try and move your pieces up the board to your own home base. You can only land your checkers in a spot that is empty, only has one checker in it, or has your own checkers in it already. If you land your checker onto a space that has a single opposing checker on it you “hit” it sending it back to your home.

To win the game you need to get all your checkers in your own home base. The loser loses points equal to the doubling cube. They lose double the value if they haven’t secured any checkers in their home base and triple the value if they haven’t moved all their checkers off the opposing teams home court.

Beergammon Drinking Rules

  • Whenever one of your checkers is “Hit” take a drink.
  • Whenever your opponent gets a checker into their home spot take a drink.
  • At the end of the game take drinks equal to whatever the doubling cube was set to.