BASEketball Drinking Game

BASEketball drinking game -

This game is a little more active than our traditional movie drinking games. It requires players to throw something at a target intermittently throughout the game to try and avoid drinking. For those that have never seen it BASEketball is a comedy about an absurd basketball like sport that launches the careers of two otherwise hopeless individuals. It’s a bit of a mockup of the classic sports sports movie. The BASEketball drinking game should make re-watching this movie even more entertaining.

What You’ll Need

Before the game starts each player should find something to throw. This can be anything at all so use your imagination. A wadded up ball of paper, a doll’s head, a slipper, who cares. Then place a bin of any kind about 5 or so feet away from where the movie watchers are sitting.

BASEketball Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • Anyone in the movie swears
  • Anyone attempts a BASEketball shot
  • You notice stock footage of a sporting event
  • Anyone says Psych-out
  • Someone gets injured (or dies)
  • Anyone says dude

Making Shots

Whenever anyone in the movie says the word “BASEketball”, each player must attempt to throw their object into the bin. If they fail they have to take a drink.

Once Coop cuts off his fake finger move the bin 5 feet further from the players. This is now a Double and shots are worth 2 drinks if missed.

Once Coop does his “Scary face” move the bin 5 feet further from the players. This is now a Triple and shots are worth 3 drinks if missed.

Once Coops favorite ball is deflated move the bin 5 feet further. This is now a home run and shots are worth 5 drinks instead.


This BASEketball drinking game can get a little intense especially since as you drink it only gets harder and harder to sink the shots. It can quickly pile up to a whole lot of drinking so always make sure to drink responsibly and take breaks if you need them.