Bad Beers and Bad Movies Ep # 6 Miami Connection & Leprechaun In The Hood

Leprechaun In The Hood Drinking Game

This week we decided to review 2 movies instead of one and mash them together in one blog post. We went with the extremely 80s action movie Miami Connection and the off-the-wall thriller Leprechaun In The Hood. So we grabbed another case of cheap and awful beer and started to think up some rules as we went along.


Miami Connection Drinking Game -

Miami Connection

For the fans of cheesy action movies from the 80s this movie really hits the sweet spot. It’s got every corny 80s trope you could think of and a plot line that will make you question how this ever made it to production.

Miami Connection opens with a bunch of ninjas stealing cocaine. Then it follows a band and who’s assaulted by a rival band and a shitty version of Chuck Norris. After that it becomes a story of one of the band mates finally meeting his father. None of this really ties in together and the plot is a complete mess but it’s entertaining as hell.

With the constant gang brawls and musical numbers that insisted on playing an entire song it was fairly easy to come up with some drinking rules to this one.

Miami Connection Drinking Rules:

Drink Once Everytime:

  • Somebody dies
    • Drink twice if they died by something ridiculous
  • Somebody swears
  • Someone stutters or messes up their line
  • Someone says “Friends” during the “Friends Forever” song
  • You see a new shitty 80’s haircut
  • Every karate kick
  • Somebody says something and you don’t understand
  • Somebody brings a blunt object to a fight
  • Inexplicable shirtlessness
  • Every time you catch yourself wondering “Why is this movie called Miami Connection?”



Leprechaun in the Hood

It’s tough to say if this movie crosses the line from parody into racism. It opens with a few of the main characters breaking into a tomb wearing bell bottoms and afros with picks in them. From there the camera zooms out to a half eaten cheeseburger and a case of Colt 45. So right off the bat you know this movie is going to be ridiculous.

The basic story of the movie is that the leprechaun is trying to kill whoever has his treasure but nobody wants to give up the golden flute because it can be a huge boost to their rap careers. Through the slew of confusing scenes and plot holes this movie is all around off-putting. The main protagonist Postmaster P is obsessed with positivity and doing the right thing. Even though it’s all talk and he goes along with every immoral decision anyway.

It was a little tough to come up with competent drinking game rules for this game since it switches gears a lot between scenes and there’s very few constants throughout. But regardless we gave it our best shot.

Leprechaun In The Hood Drinking Rules:

Drink One Whenever:

  • There’s a blatant black stereotype
  • Anyone rhymes
  • A rap starts
  • Someone mentions positivity
  • Postmaster P has morals
  • There’s a smoke machine
  • Coolio appears on screen
  • Someone’s eyes glow green

Finish your drink whenever:

  • One of the main characters die