(American) Football Drinking Game

Football Drinking Game -

Nothing much better than Monday night Football and some drinks to go along with it. In this Football Drinking Game players will split into teams and drink whenever the other team scores on or otherwise makes your team look bad. Odds are you were planning on having a few beers anyways, so why not make it more of a competition with your friends and start really cheering for your team. Because there is nothing quite like making fun of your friends when they lose badly in any kind of game.


Any game of football and drinks.


Players will chose a football game to watch. They will then split into two groups each representing one of the teams in the chosen game. Players will then drink according to how their team performs.

Football Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • The other team scores. Drink one for each point they score on your team.
  • The opposing team gets a first down.
  • A play results in a loss of yards for your team.

Drink three whenever:

  • Your quarterback throws an interception.
  • Your quarterback is sacked.
  • A field goal attempt is missed by your team.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Any player on your team gets injured.
  • The other team runs back an interception or kickoff for a touchdown.

Optional Rule:

Star player:

Each group may designate a player on their team as the “star player”. Whenever the star player would cause any amount of drinks those drinks are doubled.


The Football Drinking Game works best with the NFL, but don’t worry, these rules apply perfectly to any college football game you might also want to watch. Players are likely to finish a drink every quarter, especially if their team is doing poorly. So over the course of a full game it’s just the right amount to get a solid buzz going.

The optional rule of picking a star player adds more intense plays and possible devastating injuries into the already fairly well paced drinking rules. Just watch out when your opponents get the Patriots as Tom Brady is likely going to ruin your day. So grab some game day snack and drinks as you watch the game like never before.