It’s Always Sunny Drinking Game

It's Always Sunny Drinking Game -

The It’s Always Sunny Drinking Game is a great way to enjoy a few beers or maybe a rum-ham to the sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This show follows a group of mostly narcissistic bar owners as they run through a series of schemes that never seem to really pan out.

This show makes for a great drinking game as most of the cast is getting drunk during the show anyway so you might as well join em’. Just try not to follow their lead and get addicted to crack.



It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and drinks.


This game will have players drinking whenever the signature tropes of this series come up. Players will also have to chug their drinks while the GreenMan is on screen or Charlie is singing.



It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Any of the characters are seen drinking alcohol.
  • Any of the characters get laid.
  • Someone insults Dee.
  • Dennis mentions how great he is in any way.
  • You begin to question what’s wrong with Charlie.
  • Charlie hits on the waitress.
  • The waitress hits on Dennis.
  • The gang comes up with a scheme.
  • Mac mentions how ripped or hard he is.
  • Mac says something to make you question his sexuality.
  • Charlie doesn’t know the meaning of a word or uses a word wrong.
  • Someone claims something is racist.
  • Frank pulls out his gun.

Chug as long as:

the GreenMan is on screen, or charlie is singing.


The It’s Always Sunny Drinking Game is pretty straight forward. Just drink any time you see any of the aforementioned tropes happen. Additionally players will be chugging as long as charlie is doing one of his songs or the green man appears. This is pretty sporadic but it’s a pretty good amount of drinking regardless simply because of how often the gang is drinking during the scenes.