Alien Movie Drinking Game

Alien Movie Drinking Game -
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The Alien Movie Drinking Game is for the first movie of the Alien series directed by Ridley Scott. This film is a classic in the sci-fi horror genre. A small crew is tasked which gets marooned on a planet where they have to survive an unknown alien attack until the ship is repaired.

As far as Alien movies go this is one of the better ones but it follows a very slow pace so maybe a few beers are just what you need to add a little excitement to the mix. It’s pretty great to look back at what they thought the future would be like back in 1979. Walls of buttons and lights that couldn’t possibly all have a use and interface screens that look like they’d be more at home on the Atari.



The first Alien movie and drinks


Players will drink for common occurences in this movie like people asking questions or random steam spouting out of pipes and wall fixtures. Players will also have a few more drinks whenever one of the crew members dies.

Alien Movie Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one every time

Someone has a sip of coffee

Every time a number is said

You see the alien ( the actual xenomorph, not the face huggers)

You can’t tell what’s happening due to poor lighting

There’s steam shooting out of something

Someone asks a question (this happens way too often)

Someone takes a very small step

Brett has a puff of his cigarette

Drink 5 times whenever

Someone dies


This alien movie drinking game has quite a bit of drinking in spurts. There’s a lot of scenes in this movie that are slow and completely silent, but then there’s scenes where the characters just go back and forth asking questions and taking tiny little steps for a long time. So at least you get the breaks with the tons of slow panning shots of the spacecraft and alien structures. The deaths happen pretty steadily throughout the film too so prepare to finish a few beers throughout the course of this horror drinking game.