An Aladdin Drinking Game For Total StreetRats

Aladdin Drinking Game from

This game is for the original animated Aladin movie (The first one, the good one that still has Robin Williams in it). Although it can be played with the new live action movie too if that’s what floats your carpet. So kick back with a few drinks and some close friends and follow along.

This Aladdin drinking game will have you getting a buzz on as you watch the poor streetrat win over princess Jasmine with his heart of gold. Proving that if you have a good heart and are the protagonist in a Disney movie, things will turn out alright.

What You’ll Need To Play

Either the first original animated Aladdin film or the live action remake. (Both available on Disney +) You’ll also need a healthy supply of drinks because some of these rules will come up a lot. Then sit down with some friends (or alone, we don’t judge) and follow these simple drinking rules.

Alladin Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip Whenever

  • Alladin is called a Streetrat or any other insult
  • A song begins
  • Anyone mentions “The Lamp” or “The Palace”
  • Abu steals something
  • The Genie transforms into something else
  • Someone takes a ride on the magic carpet

Take A Big Gulp Whenever

  • Jafar uses his magic staff
  • The Genie grants a wish
  • A cracker is shoved in Iago’s mouth
  • Rajah tries to attack someone

Finish Your Drink When…

The genie is freed!

If having some drinks and watching disney movies is your thing, you might want to check out Disney Classics Drinking game! However always make sure to keep it in moderation and take a break if you think you need one. Unlike Aladdin, being a total degenerate won’t get you the princess of your dreams. So please drink responsibly.