A Ridiculous Twister Drinking Game

Like any game of twister this Twister Drinking Game best if you have a relatively even amount of guys and girls playing. Basically this is just a regular game of twister except you must place a number of shot glasses on the playing board and if anyone is forced to place one of their hands or feet on that spot they must instead take the shot.

What You’ll Need To Play

A twister set, some glasses of various sizes and as many types of booze as you can muster. Plastic cups work best in case anyone falls over or knocks any of them over.

Setting It Up

Before the game starts everyone playing must fill up a shot glass with whatever type of booze they like and then place it on the game board on one of the spaces. Then everyone needs to start the game with a full drink in hand.

Twister Drinking Game Rules

  • Play the game as normal except for whenever anyone is forced to put one of their limbs on a space that has a shot glass on it they must take that shot.
  • No putting down full drinks!┬áIf ever you are forced to put down your drink (by having to put both your left and right hand on the game board) you must first chug what’s left of your drink.
  • If anyone knocks over a shot they must fill it back up and take it before returning to the game.
  • If someone falls over and loses they must take one of the shots on the game board or pour themselves a new one if there’s none left. (in addition to whatever they knocked over).

This twister drinking game is a great ice breaker but it tends to get a little messy. So feel free to wash out the game board between rounds or keep a wet rag nearby. If liked this game check out our huge collection of drinking rules to classic family games. Cheers!