A Christmas Carol Drinking Game

For those looking for more of a classic tale there’s always Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”. Now this may not seem like the ideal movie-adaptation to get drunk to. But hey, if he can drink while writing it why can’t we drink while watching it?

This classic tale tells of scrooge’s coming to terms with his wasteful life though revelations from three ghosts. It’s been told again and again and there is countless movie adaptations of this movie. Pretty much any of them would work for this drinking game. So for those dying to watch a Christmas movie with a bit more depth and get a little drunk in there process here is the A Christmas Carol Drinking Game.



Any film adaptation of A Christmas Carol and drinks



Players take a drink whenever any of the tropes of the movie come up. Additionally players will finish 3 drinks, one when each of the ghosts first appears.


A Christmas Carol Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever

  • Scrooge says “bah” or “humbug”
  • A bell rings
  • Scrooge does something mean
  • Scrooge flies
  • You see money of any kind
  • Somebody mentions Christmas

Finish your drink when

  • Scrooge first meets the next ghost


There is many film adaptations to choose from including The Muppets A Christmas Carol, the animated A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey and Bill Murray’s Scrooged. Whichever version you choose they are sure to contain an abundance of the above rules so go with personal preference.


The A Christmas Carol Drinking Game is perfect for the holiday season. All of the rules in this game come up fairly consistently so you don’t have to worry about any lulls within the movie. So grab a cup of nog and get ready to get a deeper appreciation of the Christmas Spirit.