5 Poker Drinking Rules For Different Poker Variations

Come spice up your night with 5 Poker Drinking Rules For Different Poker Variations. Throughout this article we will introduce five different variations of poker and how we can incorporate some fun drinking rules into them that will liven up any party or poker night. The versions of poker include Texas Hold’em, Pineapple, 7 Card Stud, Omaha, and Chinese Poker. Scroll through and find the variation that sounds the most fun for you.

Poker Drinking Rules

Texas Hold’ Em

Texas hold’em is a one of the most commonly known versions of poker. It has been a staple for any casino, dimly lit room, or night in with the guys for many decades and to be quite honest, this game ain’t going anywhere. So rangle up some friends and a case of beer and lets get down to business.

Basics of Texas Hold’em

  • Each player is dealt two face down cards
  • person to the left of the dealer is small blind, the person left of him is the big blind
  • There is a round of betting where you can check, bet or fold
  • Dealer then burns one card then lays down three face up cards that everyone can use for their hand
  • Another round of betting
  • Dealer burns another card then flips one
  • You guessed it, another round of betting
  • Dealer burns and flips the last card
  • Everyone places their last bet

What You’ll Need

For this drinking game what you’re going to need is a full deck of cards (with jokers removed) and some drinks for every player. Then you’re going to want an extra pitcher or measuring cup in the center of the table. This game works best if everyone is drinking the same type of alcohol so buying a case of beer to share for the occasion might be the best option.

Setting It Up

Before the game can begin everyone playing must agree on an amount they’ll be drinking throughout the course of the game.

Texas Hold’em Drinking Game Rules

Once everyone has their cups ready they’re good to start the game. The key thing to remember here is that unlike regular poker in this game you’ll be betting with drinks.

Now the game takes place like a regular game of poker. When a player makes a bet they instead pour that amount into the center pitcher. For example a player can bet 2 sips and then pour 2 into the pitcher. This is also the case for the blinds; small blind pours 1 sip and big blind pours 2 sips.

When a player chooses to raise the next player must either call the raise or drink half of whatever is in the pitcher to fold.

At the end of each round whoever won gets to keep the pitcher and pour it into their cups (grabbing an extra one if needed).

The game continues until only 1 person remains. Then that person can give out all the drinks they have left to the remaining players to pound back. They can be as even or cruel as they want when giving out the drinks.

Pineapple Poker

Pineapple is not a game you’re at all likely to see in any casino. It is more of a low key spinoff of Texas Hold’em that some people believe to be a bit more fun, but truth be told, it’s not much different at all. The only variation being that the players are each dealt three face down cards instead of two then discard one of the three.

Pineapple Drinking Game Rules

Since the game is essentially Texas Hold’em, the drinking rules aren’t going to be all that different. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it’ll play out:

  • You will be betting with beer instead of money
  • Grab some cups and a pitcher for the middle. ( splitting a case of the same beer will make a huge difference so you’re not mixing beer)
  • Decide on an mount of beer which you will be betting on. (E.g. one or two bottles of beer)
  • when placing bets, the bets will be poured into the pitcher in the middle of the table
  • When a player chooses to raise the next player must either call the raise or drink half of whatever is in the pitcher to fold.
  • When the round is done, the winner takes the pitcher and pours it in a their cup
  • The winner is decided when one person has all the beer, that person may now distribute the beer to the other players to be chugged however they wish. They can be cruel and make one person drink it all, distribute it evenly, or heck, just chug it all back themselves.

7 Card Stud

7 Card Stud works quite a bit different in the sense that there are no community cards and each player is dealt seven cards throughout the round and the betting is fixed. See full rules (here) if you’re unfamiliar. So how will a drinking game follow this variation on poker?

7 Card Stud Drinking Game Rules

The rules are pretty simple, you will be betting with beer instead of money, with of course fixed bets, as it is 7 card stud.

  • Decide on how much beer you will be playing with E.g. one or two beers each
  • Decide on what the fixed big and small bet will be E.g. 2 and 4 sips
  • Players will take turns betting by pouring their bets into a cup in the middle of the table
  • The winner of the round immediately decides who has to drink the cup


Omaha poker is a pretty simple and follows the same basic rules as most variations of poker, the exception being that each player is dealt four face down cards and uses two of them plus three of the community cards to complete their hand of five cards. The player can also only bet the pot limit per round.

Omaha Drinking Game Rules

  • Players decide on how many beers they will be playing with
  • The pot limit will be one cup, but differently than the actual Omaha, each player will only be able to bet until the cup in the middle of the table is full. If that happens in a round, there can be no more bets that round.
  • The rounds will progress as a normal round of Omaha poker, with the exception, of course, that the bets will be beer poured into the middle cup.
  • If the winner wins a full cup then he may choose one or more people to chug the cup
  • If the player wins only a portion of the cup, he keeps in until he wins enough rounds for the cup to be full
  • Once a player’s winning cup is full, they must immediately delegate it to a player or players
  • Once everyone is out of the decided upon amount of beer, the game is done

Chinese Poker

Chinese poker is pretty different than the conventional game of poker, made most obvious in the fact that there is no bidding or raising of any kind, instead the winner is decided by a point system. The game is best played with two people as it gets a bit complicated with more but it can still be fun with up to four.

  • Each player is dealt 13 cards
  • Organize the cards into three poker hands. One hand has 3 cards the other two have 5 cards
  • The three card hand has to be the worst hand and goes in the front
  • The next hand is a five card hand and has to be better than the first hand
  • The last hand is also five cards and goes at the bottom, and you guessed it, it has to be better than the middle hand (the five card hand above it)
  • set each hand face down until all players are ready, when everyone is, everyone can reveal their hands
  • Check out the scoring system (here)

Chinese Poker Drinking Game Rules

  • The players will decide how many drinks they are playing for this game
  • The players will decide how many sips each point is worth
  • At the end of each round the winner will delegate his won drinks to the other players

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