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World Poker Tour Makes Landmark Debut with First-Ever Main Tour Stop in Australia

The World Poker Tour (WPT), the iconic global brand that has hosted numerous events since its inception in 2002, announced it will launch its WPT Main Event in Australia this year. Taking part in this poker tournament for Australians is always a pleasure, considering poker is one of the most popular gaming options available at casino sites in Australia. You can even find australian online casino reviews recommending casino sites for 2023 with the best poker variants. The WPT 2023 event at The Star Gold Coast is scheduled for September 22-27 and will be the culmination of a series of qualifier tournaments held around the world throughout 2023.

The World Poker Tour hosted its first-ever Main Tour stop in Australia at this venue in October 2019. More than $1 million USD was awarded in the $2,500 Main Event. It drew 658 entrants from around the world. Including first-place winner Hari Varma who took home AUD $185,693 worth of prize money. Australian players seem to be very good at playing casino games such as poker. This also goes for playing at online casinos with PayID withdrawals you can find here, offering both pokies and poker. 

Two WPT Prime events have been held at The Star Gold Coast since 2022. There have been many changes since then. One of them is the new legislation prohibiting online registrations. So it will be interesting to see how these changes affect things when they kick off again in September!

Background of the World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is an international gaming and entertainment brand televised internationally. It was founded in 2002 and has since evolved into a global phenomenon. It hosts events in multiple countries around the world and is televised to over 150 territories worldwide.

History and Growth of the World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour (WPT) was founded in 2002 by attorney/television producer Steven Lipscomb. It began with just one tournament per year and has since grown into an international brand with hundreds of champions who have won over $5 billion in prize money.

In November 2009, PartyGaming acquired the World Poker Tour for US$12 million from WPTE founder Steven Lipscomb. The acquisition included all assets related to the production of televised poker programming. It included trademarks such as ‘World Series of Poker’ and ‘World Poker Tour’.

In December 2014, The World Poker Tour signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Ourgame. Ourgame could offer its products and services in over a dozen countries in Asia. The company also received the right to operate on They could also use the WPT logo and trademark. Ourgame International Holdings Ltd. purchased for $35 million from The World Poker Tour (WPT) in June 2015. Then, in 2021, Element Partners purchased the World Poker Tour for $105 million.

Prestigious Status and International Reach of the WPT

The WPT broadcasts in more than 150 countries around the world. Over 50 countries and territories around the world can access WPT Global, which is the largest cash game poker network in the world. Over 100 markets were covered at launch by WPT Global. This includes Australia and many other countries.

The Decision to Bring the WPT Main Tour to Australia

Australians were the logical choice to host the WPT Main Tour, and the decision was an easy one. For starters, it’s no secret that Australians love a good game of poker. The country’s passion for the card game has led to a growing demand for live tournaments and events. And there’s no shortage of homegrown talent, either!

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Poker players who call Australia home are Joe Hachem (WPT Champion), David Tang, Sheng Ye (WPT Prime Champions Cup winner), Yang Lei and Lynn Gilmartin. These are just a few examples of talented players from Down Under.

Venue and Host City

The 2019 WPT Australia Main Event will be held at the Star Gold Coast. It is located in the suburb of Broadbeach on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The tournament will be held over five days from September 22-27. The tournament is open only to players who have qualified through WPT Regional Championships or buy-ins.

The venue is a world-class casino set in the midst of a five-star fun parlour. It includes luxury accommodations and spas, iconic bars, restaurants and entertainment options.

Tournament Schedule and Format

The WPT Australia main event will be held at The Star Gold Coast from Friday, September 22 to Wednesday, September 27 2023. Tournament organisers expect it to be a successful one, too.

It is likely that the full series will begin on Thursday, 14 September 2023. However, this has not been confirmed by WPT officials yet. In response to the massive response to the inaugural WPT Australia, the WPT announced it would add a second day to the event in 2023. As well as raise the buy-in to $8,000 for the main event. Moreover, there will be live streaming of the final table action on YouTube and Twitch channels.

The Impact on the Poker Community and Industry

The decision to hold a WPT event in Australia is a significant one and has had a positive impact on the poker community. Hosting an international poker tour in Australia is set to enhance further the game’s popularity within the country. And help increase interest in other tournaments as well.

Additionally, this move could increase the local tourism revenue for Broadbeach. Thanks to the increased exposure from international visitors who will want to experience all that surrounding cities have to offer during their stay.

Player Experiences and Highlights

Here are a few examples of the top moments in WPT events across the globe:

  • Chris Karagulleyan Wins First-Ever WPT Legends of Poker Main Event: In 2002, Chris Karagulleyan won the inaugural WPT Legends of Poker event, defeating a tough field and final table that included Phil Hellmuth.
  • Comeback for the Ages for Harry Arutyunyan: Harry Arutyunyan made an epic comeback in Season XIII of WPT Legends of Poker, winning the title after a four-hour heads-up battle against Massoud Eskandari.
  • Dan Harrington Wins Biggest Legends of Poker Ever: Dan Harrington’s victory in the 2007 WPT Legends of Poker marked the largest first-place prize in its history, earning $1,635,365.


With the WPT Main Tour in Australia, we can look forward to an exciting new chapter in poker history. It’s sure to bring more international attention and prestige than ever before, as well as more opportunities for players worldwide. The WPT has always been known for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence in all aspects of the game! And 2023 is not going to be any different.