Toradora! Drinking Game

Toradora Drinking game -

Toradora! has been a fan favorite romantic comedy anime for many years. Based off of the light novel of the same name it Follows Ryuji and Taigi as they try to help each other with their love lives. Don’t be turned off by the premise, the strong character building and spot on comedy really make this a standout series. The Toradora! Drinking Game will have players enjoying drinks as this pair progress through their daily lives.

One day during class Ryuji spots Taiga in a classroom that is trashed, she proceeds to attack him only to mysteriously run away. That same night Taigi invades Ryuji’s house trying to reclaim a misplaced love letter. This misunderstanding leads them to make an agreement, they will help each other get closer to the ones they love.


The anime Toradora! and drinks.


Players will drink for every one the main characters tropes. They will also have to finish their drinks whenever someone makes a love confession or whenever Kitamura goes shirtless for some reason.

Toradora! Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever:

  • Ryuji blushes or goes out of his way for someone.
  • Taiga is upset or gets flustered.
  • Kushieda is overly bright and energetic.
  • Kitamura lacks common sense or is confident.
  • Kawashima looks down on someone or is aloof.
  • Someone mentions the name of the person they like.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Any of the characters is shown making a confession of love.
  • Kitamura is mysteriously shirtless. Yes this happens more than once.

The Toradora! Drinking Game is very well paced, having players drinking to the main cast and their respective quirks. Ryuji is a goog guy, Taigi is emotionally unbalanced, Kitamura is mysterious but always lending a hand, Kushieda is always super energetic, and Kawashima is aloof and tends to look down on other. There are also a few finish your drink rules as this series is fairly long overall. So get ready to drown out the sorrows of your own love life with this acclaimed series.