Top Drinking Games With Casino Theme

Drinking games are a great way to start the party or keep it going. When people get tipsy, they need to dance and move more to purge the alcohol from their system. The problem is people drink at a different paces, so if you have a drinking game where everyone participates, you change this.

There are many casino games that you can turn into drinking activities and ensure that everyone at the party is included. Additionally, you can alter the rules or make up new ones on the spot so all your guests are happy. It can also be wise to test some of these activities or review the rules beforehand to see how frequently someone has to sip.

Alcohol Roulette

Roulette is an excellent choice because many players can participate. Moreover, you don’t need an actual wheel you can play an online roulette game for free. There are so many operators in Canada that you can use to run this activity. One of the best picks is  Golden Tiger casino Canada operator as they have a wide array of roulette games and are a grand online casino in general. If you don’t have that many guests, you can always pick roulette mini instead of the actual wheel.

The basic rules are simple:

  1. Assign a number to each glass and each player
  2. Spin the wheel two times, once for the glass number and once for the player number
  3. Whoever wins has to drink, and they win the right to choose a song on the playlist

Alternatively, you can only assign numbers to glasses, and each player takes a turn on a roulette wheel. The wheel just decides what that player will drink. The final variation is that player uses a drink as a chip to place a bet. If they lose, they have to drink it, if they win, they get to choose who drinks it. This final version should be played only using 50/50 bets (odds/even, red/black, high/low).

The roulette wheel is very versatile and flexible when it comes to rules. So feel free to modify this drinking game and create jackpot rules and prizes if needed.


Poker is one of the few games that require players to focus and think hard before they act. Some claim playing poker helps you make better financial decisions. All of this becomes increasingly difficult when you are tipsy, which is why poker drinking game is so fun. The rules are identical to the actual poker, and you still need to use chips, but you have more means of staying in the game. Once you run out of chips, you must bet how much you will drink if you lose.

You can assign different chip values to various beverages, depending on the volume in the glass and the percentage of alcohol within the drinks. You can also add additional rules if you like. For example, if someone wins with a royal flush or another rare combination, they can choose who has to drink.  


Like poker, blackjack is a strategic casino game. Anyone who knows how to count cards will have an edge. Once again, alcohol will help you even out the playing field, and even if there are skilled players, they likely won’t try hard. After all, no one is attempting to hit a jackpot, everybody wants to have a good time.

The rules are identical to blackjack, apart from a few modifications:

  • Assign the order in which players take turns as a dealer
  • When a player gets a jack and an ace, everybody else at the table has to drink up
  • Whenever a player goes bust, he or she has to take a sip
  • Whenever a player gets precisely 21 (ace and jack combination is excluded), they get to pick who takes a drink.

It would be wise to have multiple decks of cards in the shoe, to make it challenging to keep track of still numbers in the deck.