Bad Beers and Bad Movies Ep # 5 – Tokyo Gore Police

Gore Phallace

This week we sat down to drink some awful beers and watch Tokyo Gore Police. We pretty much knew what we were getting into based on the title alone, but I don’t think anyone knew just how much of a wild ride this was going to be. So we decided on some rules as we went along and came up with another drinking game.

Overall the Tokyo Gore Police Drinking Game is a lot of drinking simply for the fact that players drink every time they see a blood geyser. This movie is a bit hard to find and most of the time you’ll be watching through subtitles although I have managed to get a copy with some pretty bad English voice overs. Honestly I can’t much say what’s happening in this movie other than lots of blood, flashbacks, engineers and an evil bloody key. If you’re squeamish i’d skip this one but honestly the blood is so unrealistic that it’s not that hard to stomach. This movie is fun to watch as long as you go into it knowing you’re about to watch something ridiculous. It’s almost like someone got their hands on some fake blood and made some gory scenes then just worked backwards to create this movie.

The iconic rubber head explosion

Tokyo Gore Police Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one every time

  • Blood is spraying out of someones body
  • You see the engineer’s gory key
  • There’s a flashback


Drink three every time

  • Someones head explodes or is cut off


All in all the Tokyo Gore Police Drinking Game is sure to get players drinking quite a bit simply from the blood alone and that one recurring flashback that gets a touch more ridiculous with each time it’s remembered.

This game and movie are a good time. To be honest it gets a bit repetitive but it does continue to try and one-up itself in terms of shock value. Between the giant gory dick cannon and the toothy monster vagina lately there’s a lot in this film to keep you interested.