The How Did This Get Made Drinking Game!

HDTGM is a podcast where it’s creators Paul, June and Jason watch a cinematic disasterpiece and talk about it afterwards. So if you’re a fan of hearing about the horrible decisions that have been made in the film world and wouldn’t mind having a few drinks in the meantime then this is for you. The way this How Did This Get Made drinking game works is pretty simple. Just grab a glass or two of your favorite beverage and take a sip whenever any of the drinking rules come up.

What You’ll Need To Play

Any given episode of HDTGM (which is available on iTunes or wherever you get podcasts) and a few drinks.

How Did This Get Made Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever…

  • Paul tells a really unsettling story about his childhood
  • The crowd boos
  • June says “Okay here’s the thing…”
  • Anyone uses the term “Balcony Monsters”
  • Jason talks about boobs
  • June degrades a perfectly valid artform
  • Jason says “What’s Up Jerks!”
  • Paul says “One Hundred Percent”
  • June says she hated the movie
  • “Five stars” is said

Finish your drink whenever someone suggests a Jacob’s Ladder scenario


We suggest playing this HDTGM drinking game in one of the many episodes that feature all 3 of the main cast members as June tends to flake out on a lot of them. Depending which episode you choose and how often the crowd suggests Jacob’s Ladder scenarios you could be in for a lot of drinking so please always remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.