The Unofficial Flop House Drinking Game!

We’ve decided to make a drinking game for the great flop house podcast where bad movies are watched and then talked about by Dan McCoyStuart Wellington and Elliott Kalan. This podcast is a blast and even better enjoyed with a few pints so we decided to take some of our favorite mannerisms from the flop house cast and turn them into drinking rules for all to enjoy.

What You’ll Need To Play

Any given episode of the podcast (available on iTunes or wherever you download your podcasts and a few drinks.

Flop House Drinking Game Rules

Take 1 sip whenever

  • A reference is made and you have no clue what it’s a reference to, or an actor/movie is named that you haven’t heard before.
  • Dan gets interrupted, drink twice if he never gets to finish his thought
  • Someone tries to get the podcast back on track
  • Stuart says “Yup, that’s right”
  • Elliott cuts someone off with song lyrics
  • Someone makes a pun off a movie title

Take 2 sips whenever

  • Dan is put on the spot
  • Popeye’s is mentioned
  • Someone says the phrase “Last Name Withheld”
  • Steward brings up bar tending
  • Dan fumbles and messes up a word, after which Elliott immediately makes fun of him
  • You hear the flop house cat
  • You’ve actually seen one of their recommended movies

Chug for as long as Elliott is singing



Our flop house drinking game isn’t for the faint of liver so make sure you bring your A game. Even so always make sure to drink responsibly and never go beyond your limits. Depending how much you know about movies and the actors in them you might end up drinking a lot just for missing references.