The Fire Force Drinking Game

The Fire Force Drinking Game by

The Fire Force Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime based on the manga of the same name. Fire force is a shounen anime based on specialty fire fighters known as fire force and their struggle to fight back the outbreak of what they call spontaneous human combustion. Which is when humans suddenly set ablaze and turn into fiery monsters known as infernals.

Shinra Kusakabe is a 3rd level generation fire user and  his abilities allow him to emit a blaze of fire from his feet at will.As a young child he witnesses the death of his mother and brother by combustion, causing him to swear vengeance on the infernals. He uses this motive to join the fire force station 8 and begins to fight back the mysterious outbreak of monsters threatening mankind. This does not come without it’s own unique difficulties as each of the 8 fire stations are also enthralled in their own political struggles. Each seeking to be the first to discover the cause behind spontaneous human combustion.


The anime Fire Force and your drink of choice.


Payers will drink as a bunch of fire related events happen. You will also drink for the prayers and for Shinra and Arthur doing their most common actions.

Fire Force Drinking Game:

Drink One Whenever:

  • Shinra smiles.
  • any station number is said.
  • a person turns into an infernal.
  • Anything Fire related is mentioned.
  • Arthur talks about something knightly.
  • Someone has their hands together in prayer.

The fire force drinking game has a fairly mild pace to it. Each arc lasts a few episodes and generally follows the same idea. This helps keeps each rule popping up often enough, but not so much that you’ll have to worry about keeping pace. There is lots of action to be had, so a casual drink and some good old fire fights will certainly be on the menu in the Fire Force Drinking Game.