The Dr. Stone Drinking Game

The Dr. Stone Drinking Game by The Chuggernauts

The Dr. Stone Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime based off of the manga of the same name. Dr. Stone sets itself apart from most other adventure series by having most of the plot and action move forward based on science. Using real world logic and science to solve most problems.

One day as Taiju is finally about to confess his love to his high school crush yuzuriha something bizarre happens. A mysterious light coats the horizons and within seconds the entire population is turned to stone. Thousands of years later Taiju awakens from his stone slumber and discovers that his best friend Senku has already been awake for half a year. Mankind has fallen and only one thing can possibly save humanity now: Science! Follow Taiju and Senku as they use the miracles of science to try and revive the human race and leap out of their new stone age.


The anime Dr. Stone and the drink of your choice.


Players will be drinking along as real science is explained and people exaggerate. Science and certain numbers come up often so pay attention, drinks will be easy to miss.

Dr. Stone Drinking Game Rules:

Drink One Whenever:

  • Any number is mentioned.
  • An exaggerated face is made by anyone.
  • People start talking about science or say “Science”.
  • Senku calls Taiju by anything but his name, usually big oaf.

Finish Your Drink Whenever:

  • The characters actually bring up the name of the show “Dr. Stone”.

The Dr. Stone Drinking Game is fairly simple at its core. Players will mostly be drinking for numbers and science. By the end of this series you will dread certain numbers that Senku loves to constantly bring up as catch phrases. Oddly enough you may also find yourself learning some pretty interesting science facts thanks to him though. Get ready to save the world with science, and literally alcohol, in the Dr. Stone Drinking Game.