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The Best Calgary Flames Matches of All Time

If you’re a fan of hockey, you’ve likely heard of the Calgary Flames. While they might not necessarily be the team that has your backing, you’ll know enough about them to understand that they’ve had some memorable games in their time. Getting a wider knowledge of some of these games can give you an idea of what to look for in your efforts to watch as many classic games as possible, something that can increase your appreciation for the wider sport.

Alternatively, this team might be new to you, and getting an idea of their career highs might be more about understanding them more completely.

April 9th 2015

Everyone loves a nailbiter. These are the games that even non-fans can appreciate – the times where victory is uncertain until the game is called to a close. The longer the game goes, the more exhausted the players become, which can lead to a much more desperate and exciting affair as was arguably the case on the 9th April 2015, when the Flames were trying to secure a playoff spot against the Los Angeles Kings.

You wouldn’t have guessed it off of the first period alone, however, when the Flames gained tight control of the game with two goals that seemed to secure them an early victory. No such action took place in the second period, however, when the Kings held their ground, even threatening to tip the scales when they scored a goal of their own in the third period. The Flames, however, doubled down and secured their victory with a final third goal. It’s not easy to come by these kinds of games, but seeing them replicated in games like Hockey Fever Roulette at secure, encrypted platforms like spin casino can give you a place to go once the dust has settled on the game.

2018-2019 Oilers Games

When you’re a fan of a specific team, it’s easy to point to all of the games that they won as being ‘the good ones’. However, looking past the initial disappointment of a lost game can illuminate you on a lot of merits of such a game. There can be a close game where the result was uncertain the entire time, where each team played their best but you didn’t come out on top, and that is worth respecting.

The Flames and the Edmonton Oilers had a fierce back-and-forth in the 2018-2019 season, where across six games, the Oilers won three times, and the Flames won three times. Some games were closer than others, with some ending with results like 6-2 and 5-1 – but the Oilers victory in the Rogers Place Arena in December of 2018 was a close 1-0. Connor McDavid helped the Oilers gain an early foothold early on with a 12th minute goal, but after that, it was a matter of retaining control of a desperate struggle of a game.

A Violent Clash

Different sports have different appeals. While not everyone will like the violent aspects of sports like hockey, for other people that holds a very direct appeal. Therefore, it’s no wonder that when you talk about the best games of any given team, some are going to point towards a time where these clashes dominated the field.

In January 2014, the Flames had a showdown with the Cannucks that fits this category. This was yet another close game, going 3-2 in favor of Vancouver. A violent line brawl is what ultimately marked this game for many, especially amidst an otherwise quiet first period. After that, the Flames managed to enter the second with a lead-taking goal, but it wasn’t enough to ultimately steer the game away from them by the time all was said and done.