6 Great Team Building Games for Adults

An innovative and enjoyable technique for getting your team interacting and cooperating is through team building activities. Participating in activities as a team can revitalize your team and improve their day, whether you’re meeting in person or digitally.

Finding the perfect workout might be difficult because not every team enjoys the same kinds of activities. It’s critical to pick a game that everyone feels comfortable playing. In this article, we are going to have a more detailed look at the popular activities and games for team building.

1. Playing Xbox

It may sound too trivial, but actually, this kind of activity will work great in a big company of people and help break the ice. Xbox is a great way to encourage interaction between people. However, there can be some geolocation restrictions for playing Xbox in your area. Try to download a VPN for Xbox Series X and get access to all the games. Many games facilitate teamwork and interactions between your coworkers.

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2. Blind drawing

For this team building game, your team should be divided into two-person groups. Have everyone sit so that their backs are toward one another. There will be just one photo. The other individual will have a pen and a blank piece of paper. The team member who has the image must not reveal it to the other player. The other team member will sketch what is being described, and they must explain the image without the use of words that would reveal it.

This activity focuses on language and communication. Participants learn how various people can interpret directions even when they’re ostensibly discussing the same thing, even though the final drawing rarely resembles the original.

3. Codenames

The board game Codenames is typically played in person. For distant teams, there’s also an online version of Codenames that is a fantastic team-building activity. Everyone may see a deck of cards having words on them at the start of the game. The players are then split into two teams, each of which chooses a spymaster. Getting their teammates to correctly guess the words inscribed with their own color is the spymaster’s job. The winning team is the one who correctly guesses every card first. Given that your team needs to cooperate in order to win, Codenames is a good game for team development.

4. What is my name?

Put the names of known people or a list of persons kinds on stickers or other labels. A team member should wear these nametags on their back so that only the other members of the group can see who they are.

The team members should mix and converse for a predetermined period of time. Depending on the label they have been given, they should each treat the other in a stereotyped manner. Each team member can leave the game when they come to terms with who they are, allowing the others to carry on. If your team members are new to one another, this is a nice ice-breaking activity.

5. One-question game

Create a few instances where someone would be selected to carry out a task. For instance, it might be taking on a new position at work, getting married, running a business, or being in charge of an army. Ask each member of the team to think of the “perfect” question that needs to be asked of someone in order to establish whether or not they are the ideal fit for the situation. Ask each team member to record their query on paper. When all possible scenarios have been reviewed, have a group discussion to determine what each member of the team believes would be the ideal question.

Team members rapidly become aware of each other’s various ways of thinking. Each person’s answer to the ideal question will be a reflection of their goals and of what is most important to them.

6. Pictures with no context

A fun indoor team-building activity called No Context Pictures can help you learn more about your employees’ personal lives. Ask your players to send in an odd photo without any context before the game. Post the images afterward so that everybody on the team could see them. Request from the team brief descriptions of the events depicted in the pictures.

The person who first submitted the photo casts a vote for the tale they think is best. No Context Images is a fantastic team-building activity since it lets you get to know your coworkers better by revealing a side of them that isn’t always apparent at work.

The ending note

A wonderful approach to brighten up the office and have fun with the team is to play team building activities. Additionally, team building has a number of positive effects that go beyond just having fun. All the activities we mentioned in this article don’t involve any complex game rules and will be easy to understand for your team members.