Snacks That Get the Party Started and Keep It Running

Whether it is a night of raucous partying, or something a little more sedate, there is always the perfect snack out there to make sure that bellies are not found grumbling at your event.

Here we whip up some of the best snacks, and the recipes that can make them a reality, so that your fare is the talk of the town for weeks to come.

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Nachos are classic party fodder, and can easily be adapted to cater for both vegetarians and carnivores alike

Snacks Perfect for Gaming Nights

Game nights are always a barrel of laughs, whether people want to compete at board games like chess, card games such as poker, or just games that bring beverages to the forefront like different versions of ping pong.

One of the keys to keeping the action flowing at any game night is that snacks are close to hand and are easy to gobble between rounds.

This means that classics such as nachos are always a winner. However, with a little bit of effort, such a simple snack can be taken to a whole new level.

The first way this can be done is to make the nachos yourself rather than just buying the pre-made ones you would find in the supermarket. The way to do this is by using tortilla corn bread which should be dried out, cut into triangles, and then fried in oil until they look deliciously crispy.

To really impress the board game experts and card sharks, why not also create homemade salsa, before starting the game at the expert level. After all, homemade salsa will always taste fresher than the ones found in factory produced tins and jars, and no one will be expecting such an accomplished chef to also excel with cards and playing pieces. 

Another similar snack that is equally easy to pick at during an intense poker hand or board game move is Halloumi Fries that, aside from being incredibly tasty and easy to pick at, will also keep vegetarians at a game night contented.

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There are plenty of party goers these days who expect more than just a few crisps and cans of pop to be on offer

Snacks Ideal for Picky Crowds

Sometimes guests arrive who think they are a bit above the usual array of snacks, turning their noses up at sausages on sticks and bowls of Mini Cheddars.

However, such people are often some of the easiest to please, as long as the correct ingredients are to hand.

Salmon canapes are easy enough to throw together if you have some fancy crackers and cream cheese in the fridge. Similar offerings can be created with prune-filled biscuits and a spot of nice pâté.

Both of these treats are so simple to make and yet your well-heeled acquaintances will be none the wiser as they chow down on what they think is Michelin star standard grub.

Snacks That Go Vegan

More and more people these days are shunning animal products entirely, both for health and environmental reasons.

This means that it always pays to cater for vegans, especially if the snacks you create for them are just as yummy for every other guest as well.

Bruschettas are one nice way to create something a bit different for vegan friends. Vegetable dippers combined with hummus are always a safe bet too.

Snacks That Won’t Stop the Boogie

Many of the snacks mentioned thus far have involved some amount of cooking and preparation, but a good party host should never outright shun pre-made treats, because many party goers will expect them to feature.

The key is to provide a variety of snacks rather than just bowl after bowl of the same flavoured crisp.

Some excellent bowl fillers that should be on any party organizer’s shopping list include olives, bread sticks, gherkins, pickled onions, and nuts.

Send Guests Home Full

Sometimes it is counterintuitive to feed people just before they leave a party late at night, but depending on the games that have been played, it can often be a sound idea to make sure their stomachs are full.

Chilli Con Carne combined with pitta bread pockets can be a real winner for exactly this purpose.