Sling Puck by Ondekt, A Fast Paced Table Game

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We recently got to try out a few great games by Ondekt, all of which have been of great quality. Today we tried out a fast paced table game called Sling Puck.

The goal of sling puck is pretty simple, use the slings on the board to shoot your pucks onto your opponents court before they can do the same. Anyone can pick up and play, and a game can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

How to Play Sling Puck

Unlike a lot of other games, in Sling Puck both players play at the same time. There’s no turns and the faster hand usually wins.

The goal of the game is to get all of your pucks onto your opponents side before they can do the same. The way this is done is by pulling the puck back on the sling and shooting it through the small hole in the middle onto your opponents court.

Before you start the game you can decide if you want to put the “competitive” border in or not, if you’re new players we suggest playing without it. However if you’re finding it too easy to get the pucks through the hole, feel free to add the border to make things more difficult.

As play goes on, both players shoot pucks as fast as possible. Often this results in some pucks flying off the board, so hurry up and get those back onto your side before your opponent scores too many points.

A round of Sling Puck doesn’t take very long, so we suggest setting up a tournament bracket or playing multiple games.

Ondekt Sling Puck Review

Like all of Ondekt’s products that we’ve tried out so far, this product comes in very high quality. The pieces and game board are very solid and reliable. It even comes with a bunch of extra pieces because they know our drunk shenanigans will lose a piece or two.

Plus, they’ve even went ahead and added a couple more games onto the backside if you get tired of sling-puck; Nine Man’s Morris and Checkers. Which makes this a great game to travel with and have multiple types of entertainment.

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This kit comes with a game board, pucks, slings, score markers and goal shorteners, all with the build quality you can expect from Ondekt. Whether you’re looking for a fast skill game like Sling Puck or a slower strategy game like Checkers, this set has something for everyone.