Psycho-Pass Drinking Game

Psycho-pass drinking game -

The Psycho-Pass Drinking Game will have players drinking to the original anime Psycho-Pass. This anime follows newly appointed police inspector Akane Tsunemori. Throughout various cases she comes to learn about how society really works and the unreliability of the Psycho-Pass system. A system that judges people based on various mental data and deems them to be within a safe threshold. Anyone outside of this safe zone of mental stability is quickly captured and dealt with by authorities. This sci-fi crime drama in a dystopian setting can make for some good drinking sessions.


The Psycho-Pass anime and drinks.


Players will be drinking whenever futuristic technology is talked about or used. They shall also drink for various events that happen within a police investigation. Such as using the Dominator or people being murdered.

Psycho-Pass Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Anything references a Psycho-Pass. The rating of a persons mental state.
  • Futuristic technology is visible or is mentioned.
  • The Dominator talks or is fired.
  • Someone says the name of a suspect.
  • Someone says the name of an Enforcer.
  • Characters die or talk about killing.
  • Blood is on screen.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • A case is solved.

The Psycho-Pass Drinking Game follows various different police investigations. For this reason the amount of drinking can vary greatly. Some cases are action heavy and some involve more investigation and profiling than actual action scenes. Additionally whenever a case is solved players will finish their drinks. This should make up for some of the slower moments within this drinking game. So get ready to solve some murders and have a few drinks.