Pick Your Poison – The Game Of Absurd Moral Decisions

Pick Your Poison is the latest innovation in party gaming by Player Ten Games. The same people who created What’s Your Number and The Voting Game.  It’s a crazy game that forces players to choose between two tough decisions.

It plays out like a twisted version of “Would You Rather” where everyone tries to answer some tough questions like would you rather “Skip everywhere you go” or “Have your cell phone only ever charged up to 10%”.

What Is Pick Your Poison?

In this card game players take turn acting as the judge and choosing which cards the other players need to choose between. The goal for the judge is to pick two cards that are so morally similar that players will have a hard time choosing.

After that each player secretly chooses which of the options they would pick by placing their A or B card face down.

At the count of three, all cards are flipped and points are scored. Players who voted correctly with the majority gain a point. Also if all players picked the same then the judge loses 2 points for picking one-sided options.

Our First Impressions

At first glance we thought we might be jumping into another knock-off of the omni-present Cards Against Humanity. But after a round we were delightfully proven wrong. Pick Your Poison is one of the funnest and most innovative card games we’ve played.

With the number of possible card combinations, this game has a ton of replay value. After testing a few versions we have to recommend the NSFW stand-alone version which is chalked full of hilarious cards like “Have the judge pee directly into your mouth”.

Drinking Rules

  • Take one drink every time you vote with the minority
  • Take two drinks if you are the ONLY person to vote in the minority ya weirdo
  • Take 3 drinks if you’re the judge and everyone votes the same