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10 Funnest Party Games on Steam (In Our Opinion)

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Trying to have a wild night-in over some hilarious party games? Or maybe you’re just looking to kill some time with a few friends? Either way we have gathered together some of our favourite party games on Steam for any occasion.

We’ve played tons of fun party games through the years and they come in all different styles. Although there’s no “one-size-fits-all” for party games, there’s tons of sub-genres. From social deduction games to fun party board games, there’s something everyone can enjoy.

Best Party Games on Steam

The Jackbox Series

DeveloperJackBox Games
Number of PlayersUp to 8
Price15$-30$ (depending on pack)

The Jackbox series combines tons of great party games into one great experience. From word games, to drawing games, to bluffing games, there’s a little bit of everything. How it works is one person starts the game, and the rest simply connect to it with their mobile devices, which they will then use to answer questions in the game.

After the success of these games, a lot of the more popular minigames were expanded into their own games. Such as Quiplash and Drawful. Which really goes to show just how much people love these games. Plus with 8 different party packs (and counting) you can pick the one that’s just right for your group of friends.

Pummel Party

DeveloperRebuilt Games
Number of Players4 to 8

Pummel Party is what happens when Mario Party is all grown-up. You might recognize some of the gameplay like moving around a board and playing minigames, but where this game starts to differ is with the gratuitous violence. That being said, this one is not as family-friendly as some of the others on this list. This is a Steam party game you’re going to want to play with some adult friends and maybe a few brewskies.

In this adult party game, players fight to the death while collecting as many goblets as possible. But be careful, if you start to pull ahead you’ll surely become a target for the other players. It’s also jam-packed with fun minigames that keep the game fresh.

Among Us

Number of Players4-15
Price5.69$ (or free on mobile)

Among Us probably one of the most popular party games on steam to come out within the last few years, and for good reason. In this game players need to find out who the imposter is before he quietly kills everyone else on the ship. A great way to find out which of your friends are the best liars.

Where this game shines is it’s simplicity. There’s not much to do other than wander around completing tasks and trying to figure out which of your friends are lying to you. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut while you watch the survivors blame each other is the best option.

Move or Die

DeveloperThose Awesome Guys
Number of PlayersUp to 4

Move or Die is a fast-paced party game where players vote on which mini games to play and then it’s off to the races. One small mistake could cost you the round, but don’t worry there will be many many more.

Like the name implies, in Move or Die you need to keep moving around before your health bar depletes. Which keeps the game moving along at a good pace. As you play you’ll unlock a ton of new games, costumes and more. Which makes sure the game stays fun and keeps changing every round.

Fall Guys

Image via
Number of PlayersUp to 60 (up to 4 in a party)

In Fall Guys you need to race your bumbly bean through a series of mini-games as you try not to come in the bottom-quarter of players and get eliminated. Eventually it all comes down to a final round with just one winner.

Since it’s release Fall Guys has added a ton of fun games with new themes each season. Each season in Fall Guys the developers at Mediatonic add a bunch of new rounds. To date there’s over 60 unique games. Also Fall Guys is a steam party game that’s available for cross play on every major console and PC.

Overcooked 2

Image via
DeveloperTeam 17
Number of PlayersUp to 4

Overcooked 2 will put your patience to the test and you and your friends try to manage a hectic kitchen without messing anything up. As the game progresses the kitchens get a little crazier and the menu items become more complex.

Overcooked is a game that anyone can enjoy. It starts off pretty simple and slowly peppers in more complexities as the game goes on. Whether you’re preparing a salad in a traditional kitchen or grilling up steaks atop a burning volcano, Overcooked is a blast for the whole family.

Gang Beasts

Image via Gameindustry.bix
Number of PlayersUp to 8 (up to 4 locally)

If stumbling into your friends until you can knock them off a cliff is more your style, than Gang Beasts has what you’re looking for. In this game each player controls a gelatinous monstrosity who’s only goal is to survive longer than the other players. You stumble around trying to push the other players in front of trains, off of cliffs, into wood chippers or really anywhere that ensures they won’t be coming back.

The overall sillyness of Gang Beasts is what separates it from most other games on this list. Grasping onto someone else as you’re about to fall off a cliff only to ensure mutual destruction is one of the great joys of this game.

Golf With Your Friends

DeveloperTeam 17
Number of PlayersUp to 12

As one of the most on-the-nose game titles I’ve ever seen, Golf With Your Friends is a perfect way to enjoy a super hectic game of mini golf from the comfort of your gaming chair. However, unlike traditional golf, in Golf With Your Friends everyone takes their turns as fast as they want. Which makes for a crazy and fast-paced experience.

Forget the tranquility and calmness of a golfing green, GWYF offers a much more chaotic environment for up to 12 players. From windmills to canons, pirate ships to space-age machinery, Golf With Your Friends never ceases to amaze.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

DeveloperSteel Crate Games
Number of Players2 Or More

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a co-operative game where players work together to disarm a bomb before it goes boom. As the timer ticks down to zero, one player defuses a bomb as the remaining players comb through a confusing manual to explain to him how it’s done.

In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes the most important thing is communication. Since the bomb diffuser is the only one who can see the bomb, they have to try and describe what they’re looking at. On the other end, trying to decipher what type of bomb it is and getting to the right page in the instruction book is a race against time.

Tricky Towers

Number of PlayersUp to 4

Tricky Towers is what happens when you combine Jenga and Tetris. Stacking bricks as high as wizardly possible until your precious tower comes crashing down. The goal is to reach a certain height before your opponents, so stack up quickly and make sure to defend your tower from magical attacks.

In addition to stacking the bricks, players can also use spells to help fortify their towers or attack their opponents structures. This balance of defense and offense makes for an intense multiplayer experience. Will psychics be your friend or your enemy?

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