Parasyte the Maxim Drinking Game

Parasyte the Maxim drinking game -

Parasyte the Maxim is based of of the manga series Parasyte from the late 80’s early 90’s. One day Shinichi has a nightmare, a snake attacks him and burrows into his arm. As it turns out it wasn’t a dream, nor was it a snake. A parasite who he takes to calling Migi has taken over his arm and now the two must learn to exist as one if they plan to survive. Gruesome murders begin to plague Japan, with every new body discovered being torn to shreds and nearly unrecognizable. These are also the work of the parasites, weird alien creatures that take control of human bodies and threaten the extinction of mankind. Follow Shinichi and Migi as they fight the parasites and learn to cope with one another in the Parasyte the Maxim Drinking Game.


The anime Parasyte the Maxim and drinks.


Players will drink as everyone hounds Shinichi about how he seems different from before. They will also drink as Migi shows up as an eye and for other various parasite related occurrences. You lose control of your right hand whenever Shinichi does as well.

Parasyte the Maxim Drinking Game rules

Drink one whenever:

  • Anyone mentions how Shinichi is different, not normal, has changed.
  • Shinichi lies or hides the truth.
  • Migi appears as just an eye on Shinichi’s hand.
  • Someone senses a parasite. Drink for each parasite.
  • Shinichi runs.
  • A human is killed.

Drink three whenever:

  • Migi uses the computer.
  • A Parasite is killed.

Additional Rule

He ate my right hand:

Migi has taken control of Shinichi’s right hand. For as long as Migi is in parasite form and shinichi doesn’t have control of his right hand neither do you. If you are ever caught holding a drink with your right hand when Shinichi can’t use his right hand you must drink.


The Parasyte the Maxim Drinking Game is steady as far as drinks are concerned. With most of the drinks coming from Shinichi and Migi as they interact with one another. Characters constantly question the changes going on with Shinichi and he constantly lies or tries to avoid the questions entirely. Otherwise players will drink as the parasites kill humans and fight among themselves. There is also an additional rule where you can’t use your right hand while Migi is in his parasite form preventing Shinichi from controlling his right hand. So grab some drinks with your left hand and get ready to fight parasite with parasite.