A Fun Oresuki Drinking Game

The Oresuki Drinking Game follows the anime Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo, which is based off of the manga of the same name. Amatsuyu Kisaragi is your run of the mill romantic comedy protagonist, or so he would have you believe. In reality he is cunning, manipulative, and egocentric. As it turns out Kisaragi has applied the persona of “generic RomCom” main character to himself in order to seduce two of his classmates, Sakura Akino and Aoi Hinata. This plan quickly falls apart as both girls confess to him that they are in love with his best friend Taiyou Ouga. Being the evil optimist that he is Kisaragi formulates a new plan! Help the girls fall in love with his best friend and take the one that gets rejected for himself. Follow along with sometasty beverages as the surprisingly dark RomCom takes its many twists and turns.


The anime Oresuki and your beverages of choice.


Players will drink as the characters interact in generic RomCom fashion and Kisaragi switches personalities. Also for the regional baseball flashback that keeps happening.

Oresuki Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever

  • Someone asks/tells/blackmails Kisaragi to do something for them.
  • Kisaragi or any other character switches personalities.
  • Any time one of the characters nicknames are used. Joro, Cosmos,Himawari, Sun-chan. ETC.

Regional baseball rule

There are multiple flashbacks of the regional baseball tournament. Every time you enter the flashback drink 1 for every time the flashback has occured.

The Oresuki Drinking Game is going to take a lot of people on a wild ride. With its characters not being one dimesnional as most RomCom characters. In regards to the drinking it follows suit, causing players to drink for the personality changes and forced good guy responses from Kisaragi. This happens often enough and in every episode. Top it off with the baseball flashback and you got a recipe for an enjoyable watch. So raise your glasses to the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde of a show and get ready for a ride.