One Punch Man Drinking Game

One Punch Man Drinking Game -

The One Punch Man Drinking Game Will have players drinking to the anime One Punch Man based off of the manga with the same name. One Punch Man is a comedy that satirizes most super hero and action shows. While still being serious, most of the action within One Punch Man is rather over the top and silly.

One Punch Man follows protagonist Saitama as he battles monsters that appear to threaten the world he lives in. Saitama grows bored with his unbelievable strength as he is so vastly overpowered that he kills any enemy he faces with just a single punch. Seeking stronger enemies and compensation for a job well done he eventually joins the Hero Association. So get some frosty drinks and prepare to laugh out loud to the hilarious super hero satire comedy that is One Punch Man.


The One Punch Man anime and some drinks.


Players will be drinking as heroes fight monsters and Saitama does his best to save the world. Players will also finish their drinks Whenever Saitama moves up the rankings within the Hero Association.

One Punch Man Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • A hero defeats a monster, or vice versa. Drink an extra if the monster or hero is defeated in a single hit.
  • Saitama is lazy, careless, or complains.
  • Anyone, including a monster, brags about how strong anyone is.
  • Anyone mentions heroes in any way.
  • Saitama is clearly overpowered.
  • Whenever Genos is impressed or amazed.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Saitama moves up in the rankings within the Hero Association.

The One Punch Man Drinking game has various waves of drinking levels depending on the episode. Sometimes multiple monsters or heroes are defeated within a relatively short period of time. This is balanced out by stretches within the show where there isn’t many villains. Overall the drinking shouldn’t be too heavy, but should be plenty enough to get a good buzz going.

You’re probably wondering why the finish your drink rule isn’t just whenever Saitama defeats a monster with a single punch, considering the anime is called One Punch Man. Unfortunately he just kills too many things consistently with a single punch. As a finish your drink rule it just wouldn’t work out for anyone’s best interest. Saitama moves up the rankings fairly often enough though so don’t worry, you’ll have a few drinks to finish off. Get ready for some drinks and some short one sided fights as Saitama One punches his way to victory!