Noragami Drinking Game

Noragami Drinking Game -

The Noragami Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. Noragami follows down on his luck minor god Yato as he does odd jobs for money. While out on one of his routine jobs Hiyori leaps into the street to save him resulting in her being hit by the bus. Hiyori survives the accident but ends up in a world somewhere between the living and the dead. With no other choice she joins Yato and the two search for a way to save her soul while battling Yato’s dark past. Get ready to settle in with some beer as you learn about Yato’s past and the way of the gods.


The Noragami anime and drinks.


Players will drink consistently with the mentioning of gods or how often money shows up. Otherwise drinking for hiyori having her tail and random phantoms or regalia that show up now and again.

Noragami Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone turns into an object and vice versa.
  • Money is shown or mentioned.
  • Hiyori has her tail.
  • You see a new type of phantom.
  • Gods are mentioned. this includes using their names.

The Noragami Drinking Game will not make use of a finish your drink rule. This is mostly due to the steady showing of every drink one rule. People mention gods and say the name of various gods quite often, especially Yato. Money plays an integral role in the shaping of the gods’ hierarchical system and so often will show up or be spoken of. Otherwise, a few times every episode Hiyori will have her tail or various regalia will be used. The overall tone of the Noragami Drinking Game is consistency, perfect for a few drinks while you enjoy the plot unfold.