Kickstarter Spotlight: Royal Cup – IceBreaker and FireMaker

This weeks Kickstarter spotlight is on the promising drinking card game by Aryo Winterblack and the rest of the Royal Cup team. This self described “Mother of All Party Games” has been in development for over 4 years and boasts tons of rigorous playtesting. The idea of this game is to get people talking and liven up the joint. With the IceBreaker game being focused more on social interactions and outlandish challenges and the FireMaker version focusing on spicy adult themes.

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What Is Royal Cup?

Royal Cup is a card based party game that comes in a multitude of languages. (More to come if they reach more stretch goals!). It’s got some great artwork too on every card. It plays out similar to the game “Circle of Death” in that players draw cards from around a cup and then complete the tasks on the cards.

What separates this from a normal game of Circle of Death are the cards. This one’s got much more variance on the type of goofy stunts you’ll have to do. Plus with each deck (icebreaker or firestarter) you get 58 unique cards to try out. Each card having very simple rules written right on them so you don’t have to remember the effects of all the cards.

Ice Breaker

This is the version everyone should be trying out first. It’s a little on the lighter side but it will definitely have people laughing and enjoying themselves in no time. In this one if you break any rules or refuse any tasks you just take a sip to compensate.

Fire Starter

This one is a little more intense. With more of a focus on adult themes and activities this one is best played after you already have a few drinks and your ready for some fun. If you break any rules here or refuse any tasks you might be stuck removing an article of clothing as punishment.

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Why Back It on KickStarter?

Where to begin…

Firstly the Kickstarter backers will receive the game for 40% off retail price with free international shipping. That right there is a good enough reason to help them out.

Backers who want to help out a little more will get you the exclusive and expanded Emperor’s and Collector’s editions.

Lastly… It’s already met the funding goal! From here on out it’s stretch goals all the way! Plus you know the product will be successful at this point so you got nothing to lose.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Royal Cup on Kickstarter now!