Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler Drinking Game

The Kakegurui Drinking Game follows the anime based on the manga of the same name. Imagine the sons and daughters of all of your countries richest people going to the same school. Now imagine that, but the school is run by gambling. The better you are at taking risks and defying the odds, the better your standing within the hierarchy of the school. Kakegurui follows Jabami Yumeko as she enrolls in such a school. Rather than a typical heroine Jabami is obsessed with gambling, taking delight in the risks involved. So much so that the outcome of the gamble matters little to her. The bigger the risk the more pleasure she gains from it, to the point of literal insanity. Follow Jabami as she relentlessly gambles away her youth and sanity in the Kakegurui Drinking Game.


The anime Kakegurui and the drink of your choice.


Players will drink as Jabami and her classmates gamble away their fortunes and social standings. Keep in mind that many events will cause you to drink for multiple rules at once. Such as someone screaming randomly while spitting or crying all over the place.

Kakegurui Drinking Game Rules:

Drink One Whenever:

  • There is a closeup on a face.
  • Anyone is shocked by a move or outcome.
  • Someone acts overconfident, or has no confidence.
  • Bodily fluid is expelled from someone. (saliva, tears, blood, etc.)
  • Anything is exaggerated. (facial expressions, movements, reactions, etc.)

Overall this game is fairly simple, as the characters gamble and overreact to basically everything, you drink. It seems easy enough but pay attention, each of these rules come up consistently. Almost every minute is spent within a gamble, moving at a furious pace to keep our watchers attention and to keep them drinking. Prepare to watch the insanity that is jabami, and of course drink along to it in the Kakegurui Drinking Game