10 Game Show Drinking Games for Your Viewing Pleasure

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Nothing goes together quite as well as daytime tv and a few drinks. That’s why we came up with some drinking rules for som of our favorite game shows. Whether you’re watching some old reruns or catching a newer episode live, these game show drinking games will make sure you have a great time while you do it.

Game Show Drinking Games


Drunk Factor4/10
Available onNetflix, Jeopardy

Honor the late, great Alex Trebek with this fun Jeopardy drinking game. If you wanted to add an element of skill, have everyone try to answer the trivia questions as they come up and whoever gets them wrong, drinks.

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Number of Players1-10
Drunk Factor5/10
Available onABC / Hulu

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Whether you fancy the old school Regis Philbin episodes or the newer Jimmy Kimmel episodes, this drinking game is a great way to flex your trivia muscles.

Wheel of Fortune

Number of Players3-10
Drunk Factor3/10
Available onNetflix/Disney+/Hulu

The iconic game of chance and brains is made even better with a few quick drinking rules. Watch Pat Sajak guide his contestants to some clever word puzzles and have a few drinks at the same time. This drinking game scores pretty low on the drunk factor, but you’ll drink a bit more if you aren’t very good at solving the puzzles.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Number of Players1-10
Drunk Factor10/10
Available onParamount+/Netflix/Prime Video/Hulu

This game scored a perfect 10 on the drunk scale, given that pretty much all of these rules will come up multiple times per episode. So make sure to get a few drinks ready and watch these queens tear up the runway.

Deal or No Deal

Drunk Factor5/10
Available onAmazon Prime/Hulu

Watch contestants stress out about their potential winnings in this iconic gameshow hosted by actor-comedian Howie Mandel. This drinking game can be a great way to unwind and watch the banker ruin people’s financial hopes.

Britain’s Got Talent

Number of Players1-8
Drunk Factor7/10
Available onAmazon UK/

This drinking game can vary heavily depending on which episode you’re watching and how buzzer-happy the judges are feeling that day. So make sure you got enough drinks ready.

The Price is Right

Drunk Factor2/10
Available onCBS

Compared to some of the other games on this list, this one is pretty tame. The only way you’ll be doing a lot of drinking is if the contestants get lucky and win some big prices, so grab a beer and always remember to spay and neuter your pets.

The Bachelor

Drunk Factor8/10
Where to WatchHulu/Youtube TV

We’re not sure if this one qualifies as a reality show drinking game or a game show drinking game, but here it is anyway. Watch the bachelor sift through a sea of potential wives until he finds “the one” with this great bachelor drinking game. Between all the tears and kissing, this drinking game can get pretty intense.

Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

Drunk Factor7/10
Available onNetflix/ CW Seed

If you want some giggles with your beverages, then our Whos Line drinking game has just what you’re looking for. Watch 4 grown adults made absolute fools of themselves in front of a live audience.

Family Fued

Drunk Factor8/10
Available on

This game show drinking game is actually a bit more intense than you’d think. Especially given how often the families say “good answer” even after horrible horrible answers are given.