Fate/Zero Drinking Game

Fate/Zero Drinking Game -

The Fate/Zero Drinking Game will have players drinking to the original anime Fate/Zero. This prequel anime follows events leading up to Fate/Stay Night. The battle for the Holy Grail is about to begin. Seven mages shall summon seven heroes from throughout history and folklore to battle for the ultimate reward: Their one true wish granted by the Holy Grail.


The Fate/Zero anime and drinks.


Players will be drinking whenever one of the many characters is mentioned by class or act in a way stereotypical of their personalities. Players will also finish their drinks whenever a servant and master pairing is eliminated from the Holy Grail War. For the sake of spoilers and keeping the naming streamlined we will only be using the names of the classes while referring to the servant characters.

Fate/Zero Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Anyone says “Holy Grail”.
  • Anyone says “servant” or mentions any of the seven servant classes.
  • Assassin appears or disappears.
  • Saber or Lancer talk of morals or honor.
  • Rider mentions conquering or acts manly.
  • Archer acts pompous or condescending.
  • Caster shows evil intent or talks about Joan of ark (Jeanne d’Arc).
  • Berserker grunts or howls.

Additional rule:

Before the first team is eliminated and after each team is eliminated players may make bets on who will be next to drop out. Players may also bet on which team will be the ones to cause the next knock out. Whenever you win a bet you may give out that many drinks. Whenever you lose a bet you must drink that many.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • A servant and master pairing is eliminated from the Holy Grail War.

With a multitude of characters that appear quite often the Fate/Zero Drinking Game will make sure you never go long without a drink. Ranging from the bravado of Rider to the megalomania of archer the personality types vary greatly, making each servant feel unique. This makes sure there is steady drinking as long as certain people are around. Characters also really like to mention the Holy Grail and the various servant classes, often filling in the voids between action scenes.

With seven teams fighting for the Holy Grail in a winner take all melee it should be easy to guess how many times you should have to finish your drink. The exciting part is trying to guess who and when the next team will be retired. So prepare your drinks get ready to make some bets and wage a war for the ages.