Eyeballs of Madness – A Fresh New Take on Lawn Games

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Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to throw a fleshy carrot at a bunch of eyeballs? Probably not, but it should be on everyone’s wishlist this year. It’s a wacky lawn game where players aim to knock over the opposing teams eyeballs off of their stems and collect as many points as possible.

Eyeballs of Madness is a fairly simple lawn game that’s great for the whole family. With enough strategy to keep it interesting too. Since hidden among the eyeballs is one that will completely wipe away the opponents score, you have to be careful and guess where they might have hidden it.

How to Play Eyeballs of Madness

The objective of the game is pretty straight-forward. Toss the carrot at the eyeballs and collect as many points as you can. Each eyeball has points written on the back of it, so it’s a surprise how many points you will earn (or lose!) after you hit the eyeball.

First team to reach 21 points is crowned the champions.

Setting Up the Field

At the start of the game, each team plants their stakes in the ground that the eyeballs will rest on. Make sure the eyes face the opponents so that they can’t see how much points they are with. This is all part of the strategy of the game, and to trick them into knocking over the zero.

Play of the Game

Players or teams of players take turns lobbing the carrot towards the opposing teams field and calling out which eyeball they think they will hit.

If they manage to hit the one they called, they score the amonut of points that it was worth.

However if they hit eyeballs that they did not call, they do not score those points. Instead those eyeballs are turned around to reveal how many points they are worth.

Some have a number on them, some will multiply your current total, and one of them will wipe away your score entirely. First team to amass 21 or more points wins the game.

Eyeballs of Madness Review

I have absolutely no clue why this game uses a fleshy carrot as a throwing device, but I’m sure glad it does. The wobbling and bumbling of the carrot adds a little bit or randomness and a lot of hilarity.

On the surface this is a rather simple lawn game, however the more games we played the more the strategy of the game started to present itself. Hiding the score wiping eyeball was often a matter of bluffing and making the other team think it was somewhere else. We each developed our own strategy for tossing the floppy carrot, just to have it unravel in the air and go wherever it wants anyway.

Eyeballs of Madness is a great wacky lawn game for cabin parties and family gatherings alike. With just enough depth to keep things interesting without being daunting for newer players.