Coasterz – A Creative Twist on a Classic Pub Game

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Ever since there have been pubs, there have been people looking for ways to entertain themselves with items from the bar. So it’s no surprise that someone came along and turned the simple pub-game of flipping coasters into a full out party game.

Inside the neat Coasterz carrying bag comes a whole load of coasters, a small rulebook and a pile of “challenge” tiles. It’s easy to carry around and even easier to play. It’s an incredibly simple drinking game of flipping drink coasters and challenging your friends to unique drinking challenges.

How To Play Coasterz

The premise of Coasterz is pretty simple, flip the coasters and try to catch them the right way up. The game also comes with a stack of challenge tiles to offer unique flipping challenges, where if you fail you have to drink.

If you don’t want to use the provided tiles, (or you had one-too-many beers and lost them), there’s also a handy QR code to generate the challenges online. Which is great because it means all you ever need to play this game is a few coasters!

Coasterz Review

A great thing about a game like Coasterz is that even if you don’t intend on playing it every day you’re still left with a set of pretty cool looking coasters to set your drinks on. It’s easy enough to just swap out your regular coasters with these next time you want to have some company over, and if anyone asks where they’re from you can spring-board into a game to help break the ice.

On the surface Coasterz is exactly as simple as it seems. Which is a great thing for drinking games, because there’s nothing that will bring down the mood quicker than having to understand a complex rule book. Really only takes a couple seconds to explain the game and then it’s off to the races.

The challenges are fun and unique, and the how-to videos do a great job of explaining the games if you’re having trouble understanding them. They really made this game completely drunkard proof. So whether you’re pre-gaming, out camping or just hanging out with some friends, Coasterz is a great addition.