Bad Beers and Bad Movies Ep # 1 – The Room


So to kick off the first ever post for The Chuggernauts we decided to go with something simple, a movie drinking game! The idea here was to get some bad cheap beers and watch some bad cheap movies. We decided cheap beers would be best otherwise it would be like pairing your hot-dog with a fine wine.

First on the chopping block was The Room. The movie itself was by all accounts terrible. This movie was so bad that it crossed the threshold of “so bad it’s good” into “so bad it’s still bad”. ┬áThe main actor was also the writer and producer which makes sense because that’s the only way he’ll ever get an acting role. For the terrible movie fans in the world this movie is a must-see.


The Room Drinking Game


Drink one when:

  • A football enters frame
  • The main character laughs
  • Every time there’s heavy breathing during a sex scene
  • You see stock footage of San Francisco
  • A character says “don’t worry about it” or “everything will be fine”
  • Someone mentions that Mark and Johnny are best friends
  • Lisa says she doesn’t love Johnny anymore

Finish your drink or take a shot when:

  • Johnny dies.

These rules are for sure enough to get you drunk before the end of the movie so make sure to have a lot of beer handy.

All in all this drinking game was fun. Even though this movie was speckled with unnecessary scenes/characters and a main character that seems like he just landed on earth and was told to act natural, a few beers made it wildly entertaining.


This game will get you drunk for sure but it’s bearable. You don’t need to be insane to attempt this one. You’ll probably get through 5 drinks before the end of the movie. This game is fun if you’re in the right company. If you can find the right group of friends who enjoy a terrible movie and some laughs then absolutely give this a go.


Cheers, and as always drink responsibly. If you need a break take one.