Bad Beers and Bad Movies Ep # 4 – Rubber


Rubber is a movie about a sentient tire that uses it’s psychic powers to explode things. No really that’s the premise of this movie. It’s basically just an hour and a half of watching people watch a tire roll through the desert which is exactly as exciting as it sounds.

We’ve watched a number of bad movies that turned out to be exciting through a series of plot holes and odd scripts but Rubber was nearly unwatchable simply for the fact that most of the movie is literally watching a tire roll around listlessly through a desert. Well I guess they can’t all be winners so without further adieu here’s the rules we found for this game. Hopefully this Rubber Drinking game will get you drunk enough to make up for watching this movie.



Drink one whenever

  • The tire vibrates
  • A chair is knocked over or destroyed
  • Someone looks at the tire, decides it’s probably nothing, then ignores it.

Finish your drink whenever

  • The tire watches T.V.
  • Someone gets called out for holding a stuffed alligator


I’ll be honest. I fell asleep twice during this movie so forgive me if this rubber drinking game is a little lack luster. On paper this movie sounded like a great time but once we started to realize that there wasn’t much of a plot and there was going to be a slew of scenes of just rolling around it started to dawn on us that we made a huge mistake by choosing this movie.



If you can manage to keep up with the binocular rule there is a ton of drinking simply because this movie follows a group of people who constantly stare at this tire through binoculars. Plus the opening scene has about 12 chairs fall over so that kicks this game off to a heavy start.