Bad Beers and Bad Movies Ep # 3 – Birdemic


This time we took on the god awful movie Birdemic: Shock and Terror. This movie is a cult classic for all the wrong reasons. Between the robotic dialogue, the meandering apocalyptic traffic and the totally inept sound crew, this movie has every ingredient to be made into a great drinking game. Honestly it’s kind of odd to be watching this movie sober. It’s one of those movies that leaves you wondering how nobody on the crew had the guts to tell the director how bad his movie was going to be.

So as usual we grabbed a case of our least favorite beers and started working on some general rules as we went on. Which was a task that proved a little difficult seeing how so much of this movie was the camera man leaving the camera on places or characters for about 10 seconds longer than he should have and a lot of the dialogue was actually lost due to some very shaky audio. So here we bring you the Birdemic Drinking Game.



This is a movie about global warming. And explosive birds. Or something, honestly I’m not too sure all I know is that the director had a message he wanted to deliver and he would have been better off delivering it with a carrier pigeon. But for the fans of a bad movie this one cannot be skipped.


Drink 1 when :

  • Someone mentions the environment
  • The camera stays on too long and actors are getting awkward
  • Rod says something creepy
  • You see gas prices
  • An unrealistic number is mentioned (100 miles per gallon, 1 billion dollars, etc)
  • A bird explodes or is killed
  • Someone has scratches on their cheek
  • Optional Rule: Drink for every bad audio cut. (There is A LOT of these.)

All in all this drinking game is a bit much and we’d understand if you wanted to eliminate a rule or two. Especially since a players personal description of a “bad audio cut” could be every scene in this movie. As always if it’s getting out of control take a break and pick it back up when you’re feeling a little more up to the task.

Drunk factor: 4/6

The Birdemic Drinking Game can get you so drunk that you can almost forget that you just spent 2 hours watching Birdemic. Many drinks should be finished if you’ve been doing your best to keep up with all of the above rules.

Fun factor: 5/6

This is another one of those movies that feels like such a train wreck that you begin to question your own decision making abilities for watching it. But in the end if you’re in the right company the Birdemic Drinking Game is a great time.