Bad Beers and Bad Movies Ep # 7 – Grease 2

Grease 2 Drinking Game -

This week we decided to go with a different type of film, a musical. So we grabbed some terrible beers and got ready to watch the Grease 2. The sequel that nobody asked for.

For all those wondering why musicals never have a sequel, the answer is simple; Grease 2. If anyone is just learning about this movie, I apologize. Grease 2 is basically Grease’s tone-def cousin with a constant rock-hard erection. You will see some familiar themes like the T birds, but this film carries a much more date-rapey vibe.

It’s not all bad though, behind the awkward musical numbers and constant harassment there’s actually some pretty good humor tossed in there. Personally I find this movie to be pretty great to have a few beers to if you don’t take it too seriously. So get ready to make your stamen go berserk with the Grease 2 Drinking Game.

The Hightlights


This musical number is all about plant reproduction with very clear innuendo throughout. It’s pretty hilarious and delivers lines like ” Make my Stamen go berserk!”. Also it ends with a no-name student telling the principal that she’s pregnant. You’d kind of expect that to be important but as it turns out that never gets mentioned again.

Who’s That Guy

Who’s that guy? There you go i just saved you three minutes. That’s basically the entirety of this song.

Do it for America

Now this one made me pretty uncomfortable. The just of this song is convincing someone convincing a girl to have sex with him by faking a nuclear holocaust and making her think they don’t have much time on earth. Now you’re free to come to your own moral conclusions about that one but it’s fair to say this one’s a little behind the times.

The Drinking Game:

Drink once every time:

  • Someone uses sexual innuendo
  • Someone drops the innuendo and says something straight up sexual
  • Someone stares at Miss Mcgee’s boobs
  • Someone says “Who’s that guy?”
  • Johnny acts like a jerk
  • Someone mentions Cool Rider

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Someone loses their virginity by being tricked into thinking they were under nuclear attack.

Chug your drink for as long as

  • Michelle Pfeiffer’s character Stephanie is dancing.


That drink finishing rule might seem oddly specific. And it is. In fact there’s a whole musical number dedicated to that uncomfortable gray area between consent and date-rape. Also Stephanie dances quite a lot in this movie, sometimes she’s just doing it by herself and nobody joins in. Otherwise you’ll basically just be drinking to the many sexual innuendos in the film. Which are abundant and mostly pretty obvious. So get a few drinks and get ready to watch the death of a musical franchise with our Grease 2 Drinking Game.