Bad Beers and Bad Movies Ep # 8 – Dragonball Evolution

This week we grabbed some more bad beers and popped in a movie that fans of the franchise would rather forget, Dragonball Evolution.

Dragonball Evolution is a film that hurts both as a fan of Dragonball and as a fan of movies in general. It truly spits in the face of anyone who attempts to enjoy it. So much so that even the writer felt the need to write a personal apology to the fans that included the statement “At the end of the day, I dropped the dragon ball.”

It’s not all doom and gloom though, this movie was actually wildly entertaining in a so-bad-it’s-good sort of way. The attempt to blend 90s high school sitcoms with DBZ action resulted in a slew of awkward scenes that you can’t help but laugh at.



Texan Yamcha

For whatever reason in this film they tried to give Yamcha a texan accent. Even though he’s still played by a Japanese man. It’s one of the most startlingly hilarious scenes of this movie when he introduces himself.

Goku vs High School bullies

For whatever reason in this movie there is a full scene dedicated to Goku fighting his school bullies at ChiChi’s birthday party. It basically results in all the bullies constantly missing Goku with attacks and beating the crap out of their own car.

Goku vs King Picolo – The Final Battle

Goku finally decides to dawn his iconic uniform in the car on the way to their final fight. From there it’s basically them running into each other making absurd blabbering noises. I’m sure it was cool as hell when it was still in the director’s head, but that’s not how it came out in the film.


Needless to say this movie could use a few beers..


Drinking Rules

Drink One Whenever:

  • Something happens that absolutely did not happen in the original Dragonball series.
  • King Picolo reminds you of Darth Sidius, like when he starts force-choking people and buildings.
  • Someone swings at Goku and misses.
  • Someone says “Overrated”.
  • Anyone mentions Dragonballs.
    • Drink twice if they are re-explaining that the dragon grants a wish.
  • Whenever there is Slo-Mo.
  • Whenever someone is clearly on a suspension wire.

Drink 3 whenever

  • Goku touches a Dragonball and gets a weird prophetic vision.
  • Goku pops Chichi right in the face.

Chug for as long as

  • Goku is staring longingly at chichi.


These drinking rules should be more than enough to get you through Dragonball Evolution. All in all I’d recommend anyone to watch this movie as long as they go into it expecting hot garbage. It’s actually so inaccurate that it’s wildly entertaining.