Bad Aim Review – Put Your Precision To The Test

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The Bad Aim game is a hilarious shooting game where the consequences for missing the target can be devastating. It’s a game of speed so cock that gun and fire away before you’re forced to do some seriously embarrassing penalties.

The goal of this game is to shoot the targets marked for your team, or suffer the consequences on the cards for missing them. Stakes get pretty high when you only have one bullet left and must knock down a target or risk telling the entire room about your last wet dream.

How To Play

First the card holding contraption is set up. Which holds up 4 cards for each team, chosen by the opposing team. Once that’s ready place a penalty card in the middle, set up a shooting line (we suggest about 10 ft away if you’re sober, 6 ft if you’ve had a few drinks). Then divide players into two mostly-equal teams.

The goal of the game is to shoot all your targets before the opposing team can do the same. So speed and precision are a key factor.

Count down from 3 to start the game. Remember there’s no “turns” here, so shoot as fast as you can. After each shot the gun is passed to the next player. The round continues until one team has shot down all of their targets.

At the end of the round whichever team lost must complete all the consequences on the cards that remain standing. Better luck next round!

Bad Aim Review

First let me say that having a few drinks and shooting my friends with nerf guns ranks among my favorite activities, so this review might be a tad bit biased.

Setup for this game is rather easy. Everything just snaps together and the guns load the foam bullets with the pull of a tab. Careful though, despite their size these little plastic handguns actually pack a punch.

The dare cards are actually very creative (which is saying a lot, given how many party games we’ve reviewed in the past). From tiresome things like “reading the entire Apple terms and conditions” to more raunchy activities like “wash your hands in toilet water”. There’s almost always one card on the board that stands out as something your team MUST hit. Which causes a lot of accidental shots into the Penalty spot.

Overall, Bad Aim is a blast. An absolutely hilarious party game that’s sure to liven any outing. The fast nature of this game means you’re never waiting long so hit those targets. Rounds go by quick so you’ll notice you probably spend more time fulfilling challenges than actually shooting down targets, which isn’t a bad thing.

Bad Aim Drinking Rules!

Given the ridiculous nature of this game we found having a few drinks can really enhance the experience. Plus losing hand-eye coordination could help give the edge to the opposing team.

Our drinking rule is simple. If you ever want to opt out of a punishment take 1 shot. This rule balances itself out because as players chicken-out of challenges they slowly get tipsy and become worse at the game, meaning more challenges!

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