Zuma Zuma Drinking Game

The Zuma Zuma drinking game reuqires players to chant and follow a simple beat of “stomp-stomp-clap-clap”. It’s similar to games like Whales Tales although a touch less confusing. Still might take a couple rounds to get the hang of it so we suggest giving players a dry run or two before starting the game.

This game works with any number of players, but the more the merrier. We suggest playing in large groups of six or more people.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you need is your voice and some drinks. And perhaps a bit of rhythm.

Zuma Zuma Drinking Game Rules

Rules of this game can be a little tough to get your head around at first but it will quickly become easy. First a player must be chosen to be “Zuma”. The player to their left is “one”, the next to the left is “two” and so-on. Players then start a beat by clapping four times, and try to keep this going throughout the game.

When Zuma is ready, to the beat they say “Zuma! Zuma! and then a players number.” For example they could say “Zuma! Zuma! Four! Four!”

Whichever player zuma called must be the next to pick a number. They must first say their own number twice and then the new player number. Such as “Four! Four! Six! Six!”

This continues until someone messes up. If someone misses a beat when they were supposed to be talking they lose and take a sip.


The Zuma Zuma drinking game plays out pretty fast so make sure you’re well prepared. After each mess up a new zuma will be designated, this way each players number switched between rounds.